About the Artist

Donna Rabiner with pottery

In 2005, while working full time as a health policy researcher, I decided to take a pottery class to help balance my technical writing career with more creative interests. I had always been artistic, taken pottery in high school, and fell in love with the clay and the touch of the wheel at that time. I studied part time for several years while working as a researcher, but had to stop a few years later due to elbow and back injuries from pottery overuse.

Three years later, after I left research and became a geriatric social worker, I decided to try ceramics again. Since 2008, I have been taking pottery classes on a regular basis, have purchased a pottery wheel and kiln, and now work out of my home studio. I also have retired, and finally have more time to devote to creative activities.

Recent trips to India, China, Myanmar, and Italy have inspired me and helped me to expand my interests and decorating strategies. I currently am experimenting with different hand-painted glaze combinations, and carving based on patterns in crypts, Italian churches and Indian mosques and temples.

I particularly love making platters, plates, bowls and cups out of porcelain or stoneware. I have made many custom-ordered dinner sets and would be happy to take a special order from you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like me to make something in particular for you.

Donna Rabiner